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Purple hair?

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Hair
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Now i have think for a while, and i’m woundering if i should dye my hair purple, because i got purple haircolour, but i’m not sure if i should colour my whole hair purple, or something pink too, and i got green too, but last time i tried to colour my hair green it didn’t work. But maybe i’ll dye my hair all purple, well see ^_^


Well, i don’t know how it will look, i have had it kind of purple before, and i liked it, ut now half of my hair is lu/green and the rest is black. Well, at last my forhead hair will be purple, i hope so…And maybe my ackhead hair will e dark purple or something. Well, i think i shall dye it this weekend, so just wait and be pacient 😀

photo : me

On the picture above, it’s me when i got the purple/blue/pink hair, maye it will look kind of that, i think i hope so, but i’m not sure. So wich me good luck for the weekend of dye my hair :3