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Hi, well today i’m home from school because i don’t feel well. It’s personal… So we were suppose to go to Elverum today, but my dad said it was to cold to go there, we were suppose to go, so then i went just : NOOOOO! 😦 About 3am my mom and my dad is leaving for a meeting on there job, so then i’m home alone for a while, i love it! But i got no idea what to do, so maybe i’ll draw or something, but i have to get a new drawing block. Because my old ones is like, all drawed out or how i should say it… Well, i think i’ll just go and draw a little bit, with my drawing tablet on my pc, that’s so awesome! 8D

This is Spirit, one of my characters, you can see more of my art on That is a site i add about all of my drawing’s and diffrent photo’s and stuff i’ve made. Hope you like it! 🙂


Love Wolfie.


Hi! ^_^

Well i do not understand this site so much, but this is just the beggining. I’m trying to understand this site, but it takes time, but i’ll learn. Well, i have been at school today but nothing much have happend there. Well we did fix a front page of our trip to London. We are going there the 27th of April and be ther to the 1st of May, that is going to be awesome! We are going to visit Madam Tusaud, The Dungeon, Big Ben, We Will Rock You Musical, Abbey Road, Camden, Chinatown and a lot more on just about 4 days! :O

I’m looking so forward to go there, that is going to be my first time be on a plain, I want to go there now, today it’s just 6 weeks to we are going there. Omg, i can’t wait! And im looking forward to go to the London Eye, and ride it. But its a little bit scary to go there to but ill survive 🙂

Well, im going to fix my design a little bit later, i have to learn a little bit about WordPress first, so my design will look good and stuff! So i hope you will understand 😀

Love Wolfie.