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Hi 🙂

So, i’m new here on wordpress, and now i see this site is complicated, but i shall try to learn, because i want a new blog, and then i try out this site. Well my name is Wolfie Shadowness, okay my real name is Stine Lise Nerby, but i like to be called Wolfie 🙂


I’m born the 5th of October 1995, that mean i am 15 years old, but i’m getting 16 this year, i ive in Norway and i live with my mom, my dad and my dog Mara. I also have a lot of fish’s.

Like : Cosplay, Travel, Music, Draw, Sing, Party, Take pictures, Gaming and a lot of more stuff ^^

Dislike : Spiders, Hight’s, Fake people and more…

Love Wolfie.