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Purple hair?

Posted: March 17, 2011 in Hair
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Now i have think for a while, and i’m woundering if i should dye my hair purple, because i got purple haircolour, but i’m not sure if i should colour my whole hair purple, or something pink too, and i got green too, but last time i tried to colour my hair green it didn’t work. But maybe i’ll dye my hair all purple, well see ^_^


Well, i don’t know how it will look, i have had it kind of purple before, and i liked it, ut now half of my hair is lu/green and the rest is black. Well, at last my forhead hair will be purple, i hope so…And maybe my ackhead hair will e dark purple or something. Well, i think i shall dye it this weekend, so just wait and be pacient 😀

photo : me

On the picture above, it’s me when i got the purple/blue/pink hair, maye it will look kind of that, i think i hope so, but i’m not sure. So wich me good luck for the weekend of dye my hair :3


Hi! ^_^

Well i do not understand this site so much, but this is just the beggining. I’m trying to understand this site, but it takes time, but i’ll learn. Well, i have been at school today but nothing much have happend there. Well we did fix a front page of our trip to London. We are going there the 27th of April and be ther to the 1st of May, that is going to be awesome! We are going to visit Madam Tusaud, The Dungeon, Big Ben, We Will Rock You Musical, Abbey Road, Camden, Chinatown and a lot more on just about 4 days! :O

I’m looking so forward to go there, that is going to be my first time be on a plain, I want to go there now, today it’s just 6 weeks to we are going there. Omg, i can’t wait! And im looking forward to go to the London Eye, and ride it. But its a little bit scary to go there to but ill survive 🙂

Well, im going to fix my design a little bit later, i have to learn a little bit about WordPress first, so my design will look good and stuff! So i hope you will understand 😀

Love Wolfie.

Hi 🙂

So, i’m new here on wordpress, and now i see this site is complicated, but i shall try to learn, because i want a new blog, and then i try out this site. Well my name is Wolfie Shadowness, okay my real name is Stine Lise Nerby, but i like to be called Wolfie 🙂


I’m born the 5th of October 1995, that mean i am 15 years old, but i’m getting 16 this year, i ive in Norway and i live with my mom, my dad and my dog Mara. I also have a lot of fish’s.

Like : Cosplay, Travel, Music, Draw, Sing, Party, Take pictures, Gaming and a lot of more stuff ^^

Dislike : Spiders, Hight’s, Fake people and more…

Love Wolfie.